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Person who works with young people or adults in difficulty in the street, in a neighborhood or in any other place of belonging. She first tries to develop meaningful relationships by integrating into the environment and the daily lives of individuals likely to need help. It identifies their specific needs and provides them with direct assistance (listening, moral support, finding a temporary shelter, using local resources for food or other assistance, etc.) or directing them to appropriate assistance programs. It also intervenes with a preventive aim in order to detect situations conducive to suicide, drug addiction, prostitution, dropping out of school, delinquency and to promote in individuals the desire and the means to take charge of themselves.

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Services offered small list of services offered

  • 1st line resource

  • Distribution of prevention material

  • Condoms / Syringes / etc

  • Confidentiality

  • Listening-Support-Exchange

  • Prevention

  • Accompaniments

  • References

  • Alternative

  • Voluntary and egalitarian service

  • Available for 12 - 99 year olds

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